All of the fully furnished flats face the pool and courtyard area, with unobscured views of the San Jacinto Mountains. See the Amenities page for more details.

Rent the entire property for the weekend

Five flats with a total of seven bedrooms and seven baths. Collectively, these sleep up to 16 people, perfectly suited for a special event or one of Palm Springs’ many renowned happenings.

Individual mid-week rental options:

2-Bedroom, 2-Bath

Accommodations 2Our largest flats (1,000 sq. ft.) provide two spacious options. You’ll find a Mexican-tiled cooking kitchen in one, and a granite-tiled, galley-style kitchen in the other. The bathrooms also offer a choice: one unit has bathtubs for leisurely evening soaks while the other features roomy showers. Both of these choices feature spacious common areas for eating and relaxing with roommates.

1-Bedroom, 1-Bath

Accommodations 3Our medium-sized units (500 sq. ft.) give you two choices as well. Either of these flats can comfortably accommodate singles or couples without feeling cramped. The kitchens offer the same two options as the 2BR units: one a Mexican-tiled cooking kitchen and the other a galley kitchen tiled in granite.


Accommodations 4The studio flat has a full kitchen and is a good option for single travelers who want to experience all Thirteen Palms has to offer but don’t need a lot of space. The view of the mountains from this unit is spectacular.